Carpet GradingClassification Categories

Carpet Classification Categories

The residential labels feature a six-star system – the more stars the better the durability and appearance retention properties of the graded carpet.

1 star Light Duty
2 stars Medium Duty
3 stars Heavy Duty (lower to mid range)
4 stars Heavy Duty (mid to higher range)
5 stars Extra Heavy Duty (lower to mid range)
6 stars Extra Heavy Duty (mid to higher range)

The contract/commercial labels operate a four star rating system.

1 star Light Duty
2 stars Medium Duty
3 stars Heavy Duty
4 stars Extra Heavy Duty

The ACCS Licensee will warrant that the carpet will perform in accordance with the grading awarded, subject to the proper installation and correct care of the carpet in line with manufacturers recommendations.

Items Not Covered by the Grading and any Manufacturer’s Warranty

Carpet subjected to unprotected use by furniture with castor wheels: Carpet subject to use by furniture with castor wheels, such as office chairs, is designated by carpet manufacturers globally as an ‘extreme severe-use situation’, therefore a chair pad to protect the carpet pile as well as the total carpet structure is necessary.

Failure to provide a chair mat to protect the carpet can result in severe pile distortion and pile damage. The total carpet structure can also be affected causing pile removal and loss of dimensional stability. In the case of tufted carpets, this loss of stability may be due to the break down of adhesion between the primary and secondary backings.

As a consequence, any damage to carpet found to be caused by furniture with castor wheels is not covered by any warranty or guarantee issued by the manufacturer / supplier of the carpet.

Permanent Pile Reversal Shading Effects: Although the phenomenon of permanent pile reversal shading affects the appearance of carpet, no warranty should be construed as covering this aspect of appearance change.

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