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Benefits of Underlay

The role and benefits of underlay are sometimes overlooked:

  • underfoot comfort is improved
  • crushing forces on the pile are absorbed
  • minor imperfections in the floor are overcome
  • acoustic and thermal insulation properties of the carpeted floor are improved.

Types of Underlay

The main types of underlay are rebond foam, SBR latex, rubber and felt.

Like carpet, all types are available in various grades and qualities and your retailer will be able to suggest suitable underlays to support and benefit your carpet’s performance in your home environment and its requirements.

Underlay Information

The following underlay manufacturers are members of the Carpet Institute:

Felt Underlay


S.T.E.T. Foam Underlay


Rubber Underlay


SBR Latex Underlay


An underlay should be firm but comfortable and if you stand on the underlay you should not be able to feel the floor with the heel of your shoe.

When replacing your carpet, don’t be tempted to use the existing underlay. It will have the same wear patterns that appeared in your old carpet and these will more than likely quickly resurface in a new carpet. Carpet manufacturer’s warranties also require their products be installed over new underlay.

Find a Store that is a Carpet Institute member or that stocks carpet and underlay from an Institute member.

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