CommercialSpecifying Carpet

In any particular installation, there will be a wide variety of requirements and carpet performance expectations.

The following is a useful check list when considering these requirements:

Listing of ECS Graded Carpets

Please click on this link to view an up-to-date listing of ECS graded carpets:


Building Code Compliance

Fire Safety

Fire Safety Regulations for Floorcoverings (pdf, 452 kB)
Frequently Asked Questions on Testing to AS ISO 9239.1 (Fire Safety) (pdf, 522 kB)
CSIRO Report: Fire Engineering assessment of Wool Rich Carpets for Compliance to the Building Code of Australia (CMMT(C)-2007-120 Rev AG – re-issued May 2023) (pdf, 800kB)

Slip Resistance

Slip Resistance Fact Sheet(pdf, 479 kB)
CSIRO Report: Slip Resistance (pdf, 782kB)

ABR Bulletin article  – The Carpet Industry’s Approach to BCA Compliance for Slip Resistance (The Australian Building Regulation Bulletin, Issue 15, August 2015) (pdf, 1,595 kB)

Further information

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