Environmental Certification SchemeEnvironmental Certification Scheme

Environmental Certification Scheme

An extension of the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS), the Environmental Certification Scheme provides a guide to the environmental performance of carpet.

As a precondition of obtaining environmental certification, carpet manufacturers must comply with the Code of Practice for Environmental Management which provides performance standards for raw materials, carpet manufacturing, in-service use and final disposal.

The ECS has four levels of certification with incrementally more demanding performance criteria. ECS Level 4 is the top grading.


Green Building Council of Australia Recognition

Carpets certified under ECS Levels 2, 3 & 4 may achieve points under the Materials category in the Green Star environmental rating tools for buildings. See table below and for further information, visit the website of the Green Building Council of Australia: www.gbca.org.au

Environmental Certification Scheme Green Building Council of Australia Recognition Level
Level 1 None (see note)
Level 2 Level C
Level 3 Level B
Level 4 (with 2 options) Level A

Note: ECS Level 1 is the pre-qualifier for higher ECS certification levels

Listing of ECS Graded Carpets

Please click on the link to view an up-to-date listing of ECS certified carpets:


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