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The Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS) is one of the most recognized ‘all fibre’ carpet grading schemes in the world.

ACCS rated carpets are independently tested by NATA accredited laboratories and assessed by the ACCS Panel of carpet experts.

Carpets are then rated according to their suitability for use in contract and residential installations in trafficking conditions described as light, medium, heavy and extra heavy.

Graded carpets carry distinctive labels featuring a star system that provides guidance on the likely appearance retention and performance properties of the carpet. The more stars the better.

The gold and black labels identify carpets graded for contract or commercial use. Contract ratings have a maximum of four stars.

The yellow and blue labels identify carpets that have been graded for residential use. Residential ratings have a maximum of six stars.

Some carpets will carry both Residential and Contract gradings. When the STAIR graphic appears on the label, it is accompanied by the wording: SUITABLE FOR STAIRS. This indicates that the product is suitable for use on stairs in terms of its durability and appearance retention properties.

The green labels identify carpets that have been graded by the Environmental Certification Scheme (ECS). There are four levels of environmental performance with ECS Level 4 being the top grading. For further information on the ECS, refer to the Environmental section.

Look for the ACCS and ECS labels and beware of any untested carpet claims. Only ACCS and ECS rated carpets carry the Australian Carpet Mark, which is a registered Certification Trade Mark of the Carpet Institute of Australia.

Carpet should be installed in accordance with Australian and New Zealand standards and manufacturer’s instruction and must comply with relevant Building Code of Australia and Access Code performance requirements. Find out more about installation requirements.

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