ResidentialAustralian Carpet Guide

Carpet is a versatile floor covering which offers many benefits for contemporary living. All you need to know about carpet for the home is right here in the Australian Carpet Guide. 

Carpet not only has many practical benefits, it’s also a great design choice.  Watch this feature video as interior designer Rochelle Morris demonstrates the dramatic impact carpet can have in your home.  

Today’s Highlight: Safety and Allergies

Read more about the health and air quality aspects of carpet.

Interior Design Ideas

See articles on using carpet as a key component to inspirational interior design. (Note this page is under construction).

Carpet Benefits

Discover the many benefits that carpet can provide in a modern and contemporary lifestyle.

Health & Air Quality

See why a properly maintained carpet has a positive effect on indoor air quality.

Home Decor

With a wide range of colours, styles, textures and patterns, carpet offers unlimited possibilities for creating a distinctive environment.

Types of Carpet

Cut pile and loop pile are the two standard carpet constructions, but there are many combinations also available.

Carpet Underlay

A suitable underlay will support and enhance your carpet’s performance.

Carpet Choice

Carpets are classified under the The Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS) according to their performance characteristics, which provides a useful guide when choosing a carpet for your home.

Carpet Prices

Carpet is often sold and quoted by the lineal metre or ‘broadloom metre’ (1m x 3.66m). That means you are getting around 3 1⁄2 times more carpet for the comparable square metre price of other floor covering products.

Buying Carpet

See our store locator for carpet retailer and installation companies you can trust as members of The Carpet Institute of Australia. (Note this page is under construction)

Carpet Installation

Carpet should be installed by professionals in accordance with Australian and New Zealand standards and the manufacturer’s instructions (carpet, underlay, floor preparation materials and installation adhesives).

Carpet Maintenance

Regular vacuuming, prompt removal of spots and stains and a professional ‘deep clean’ every 12 – 18 months will help to retain the original appearance of the carpet and to improve indoor air quality quality.