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Our feature video presented by interior designer Rochelle Morris, demonstrates the dramatic impact carpet can have in your home.

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Choosing Carpet for Good Air Quality

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How to make your home a place of tranquility?

The Australian Carpet Guide Index

Style & Design Ideas

Carpet provides virtually unlimited possibilities for creating a distinctive environment that is both cosy and beautiful.

Carpet Benefits

Discover the many benefits that carpet can provide in a modern and contemporary lifestyle.

Warmth & Comfort

Experience the feeling of warmth and inclusion with soft cushioning and underfoot comfort.

Health & Safety

A properly maintained carpet can provide safe, slip resistant flooring and improve indoor air quality in your home.

Value for Money

With the wide range of carpet available, there is a solution for practically every budget and décor need.


Carpet softens harsh sounds and creates a quieter, more peaceful indoor environment.

Types of Carpet

Cut pile and loop pile are the two standard carpet constructions, but there are many combinations also available.

Carpet Underlay

A suitable underlay will support and enhance your carpet’s performance.

Choosing the Right Carpet

The Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS) provides a useful guide for choosing the right carpet for each room in your house.

10 Tips for Buying Carpet

Read our ten tips that will make buying carpet a smooth process with great results.

Carpet Installation

Carpet should be installed by professionals in accordance with Australian and New Zealand standards and the manufacturer’s instructions.

Carpet Maintenance

Find out how best to retain the original appearance of your carpet and to improve indoor air quality in your home.

Find a Store that is a Carpet Institute member or that stocks carpet and underlay from an Institute member.

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